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We take playing seriously - it's our business.

It's been a goal of mine to do my job and at the same time, give back to the community. Soon to be a stay at home Dad, I decided to take my 11 month old son on an adventure and start a home-based web development business.

The idea started out as a simple father and son business, but it needed to be more. There are many organizations that have been established with the sole purpose to assist the community in which ever way they can. I too wanted to make a difference in a positive way and had the idea to donate a portion of my profits of each site to an organization that is giving back.

Being a first time father, I had a soft spot for babies. Like any real father, I wanted the best for my cub. I saw the importance of education, security and emotional stability that every child needs and deserves, irrespective of their social or economic background. The foundations we aim to support are mainly organisations with the same goals at heart.

"Flying Sites"

It's always been a fun activity - flying a kite. A kite can be seen from a distance, dancing in the wind. Some kites are big, some are small .Some kites were made to be pretty and some were just made to do the job. Like kites, we 'Fly Sites'..

Creating websites is something we enjoy. Think of the web as the wind - sites dancing on the internet, accessible from a anywhere. Some sites are big, some are small. Some were made to be pretty and some were just made to do the job.

BabyandtheDev - fly sites since 2013!


Baby Hamza, Dev Rushdi.


Anything a developer can do, babies can do better

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